Virtual event: 2021 Culture + Trends Report: Happiness Reset (EMEA/US)

2020 has actually been active to state the least, yet among the situations we have actually seen, there is a positive side. Faced with an international pandemic we jointly opened our doors to brand-new perspectives, actions as well as worths, altering just how we look for as well as achieve joy, a joy reset you might state. Joy has actually constantly been the divine grail of human life, yet the occasions of the in 2015 have actually created a change in just how we attain it as well as will certainly attempt to do so in the future.

As specialists in human actions, we are frequently asked: what is following?

To address this, we utilize an one-of-a-kind technique, incorporating a macro evaluation as well as qualitative expedition with our groundbreaking customer network, to determine 14 fads that have actually formed the post-2020 customer. A last of metrology by 15,000 customers in 16 markets, allows us to recognize the stamina of mindset as well as actions of customers in connection with each pattern (by means of an area collaboration with Dynata).

We check out these fads as well as the effects for brand names in our 2021 Society + Trends Record: Joy Reset.

Audio speakers:

Kelly McKnight, Head of Society + Trends

Joeri Van den Bergh, Future Customer Professional

Lily Charnock, Elder Society + Trends Expert

Alice Mathews, Society + Trends Expert


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