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The Exfoliator by CTFO is a non-abrasive exfoliant that was handmade with thoroughly picked all-natural as well as natural components.

The Exfoliator gets rid of dead skin cells easily as well as conditions the skin for the following action in your high quality skin care regimen.

In the exfoliating procedure, it is necessary to moisturize as well as problem the skin along with doing away with dead skin cells.

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  • Scrub with The Exfoliator
  • Hydrate with Dermavie

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Listing of Select Components for The Exfoliator that relieves, softens, as well as decreases swelling. Additionally, it additionally leaves you with a fresh layer of skin that is smooth, flexible, glowing, as well as much healthier.

  1. Witch Hazel— It functions as an all-natural astringent to reduce your pores as well as tighten up as well as tone your skin. It additionally helps in reducing skin swelling as well as lower oil as well as inflammation. It can decrease microorganisms development on the skin while quickening the recovery of marks, scabs, as well as infection. It gets rid of points like excess oil as well as pollutants and afterwards nurtures the skin with healthy and balanced moisturizing homes that stop the skin from drying. It additionally aids safeguard the skin versus cancer cells, cancer malignancy, as well as various other damages that arises from UV light many thanks to its tannins as well as polyphenols which are understood to prevent the spreading of cancer malignancy cells, assisting to safeguard healthy and balanced skin cells as you age.
  2. Glycerin — Is an all-natural humectant that secures wetness right into the skin.
  3. Chamomile Essence — Calming, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, wonderful for delicate skin. It aids combat as well as shut out toxic irritants by removing cost-free radicals which harm your skin as well as speed up the aging procedure. It’s an all-natural skin lightener that advertises a healthy and balanced radiance of the skin as it heals as well as recovers its all-natural wetness material.
  4. Cucumber Essence— Has an astringent impact as well as can relieve as well as alleviate puffy skin. Cucumber consists of polysaccharides that are additionally discovered in aloe vera as well as are accountable for the hydrating as well as anti-inflammatory advantages in cucumbers. Polysaccharides develop a gel-like layer on your skin that functions as an obstacle to bring in as well as maintain wetness in. The cooling impacts of cucumber are wonderful for relaxing delicate skin kinds.
  5. Jojoba Oil— Functions as an anti-inflammatory representative as well as relieves aggravated skin. The structure as well as use your all-natural skin sebum is really comparable to jojoba oil. This aids it soak up conveniently without an oily feeling. As we age, our sweat glands create much less sebum, which is why we obtain completely dry skin. Jojoba oil gets rid of sticky build-up or excess oil, as well; it maintains your oil degrees stabilized.
  6. Papaya Essence (Papain)— Papain is really efficient in skin revival as well as skin lightening. It works as an exfoliator, skin conditioner, as well as cream as well as aids combat acne. What’s even more, the enzyme aids the body fight cost-free radicals, hence avoiding early aging.
  7. Eco-friendly Tea Essence— Research study has actually developed that topical application of eco-friendly tea leaves or draws out has numerous advantages for the skin, consisting of anti-aging homes. The polyphenols in eco-friendly tea have powerful antioxidant as well as skin-soothing homes as well as reveal considerable guarantee for enhancing the look of sun-damaged skin. It additionally secures the skin from the harmful impact of cost-free radicals. Eco-friendly tea remove additionally consists of the Methylxanthines that boosts skin microcirculation as well as as a result favorably affect the tone as well as wellness of the skin. Eco-friendly tea remove can really lower the look of creases to aid make you look more youthful. Eco-friendly tea remove is an excellent anti-inflammatory representative, as well as most notably having a repressive activity on collagenase (a collagen-reducing enzyme that damages down collagen). This aids to advertise the wellness as well as amount of collagen, consequently preserving company as well as flexible skin.
  • Hyaluronic Acid — Hyaluronic is a humectant offering it the capacity to soak up as well as provide long-term wetness to the skin. The hyaluronic acid particle can stand up to 1000 times its weight in water. Using hyaluronic acid on your face plumps up the skin to ravel great lines as well as creases. It additionally enhances the skin’s safety obstacle, in addition to companies as well as enhances the skin. It can also offer your skin antioxidant protection to eliminate UV damages. This is necessary considering that cost-free radicals can damage down collagen as well as elastin to age our skin as well as make creases as well as drooping even more noticeable.
  • Vitamin E— It can help in reducing the look of marks. While Vitamin E’s primary function in lotions as well as creams is as an antioxidant, it can aid soften as well as hydrate the skin too. Vitamin E aids bring back the shed wetness in the skin, as well as this is why it functions finest for completely dry as well as broken skin. Vitamin E is a giant of anti-oxidants that reduce the effects of the impacts of cost-free radicals brought on by ultraviolet radiation. Vitamin E oil is a hefty emollient as well as produces a fantastic method to remove dust, crud, as well as various other pollutants while at the same time preserving your skin’s oil equilibrium. It could deal with marks or avoid them from creating to begin with.
  • Rose Vital Oil— Has outstanding emollient homes for hydrating completely dry skin, in addition to anti-inflammatory homes that aid deal with inflammation as well as swelling. It additionally levels your complexion as well as has anti-aging homes.
  • French Lavender Vital Oil — Lavender oil does a fantastic task at stabilizing your skin’s wetness obstacle so it isn’t as well oily or completely dry. It helps in reducing inflammation, blotchy spots, as well as acne scarring. Lavender oil’s anti-inflammatory homes make it wonderful for comforting as well as recovery skin that’s aggravated or reddened from the sunlight, insect attacks, or microorganisms. Lavender oil is a powerful resource of anti-oxidants as well as various other advantageous phytochemicals that combat cost-free extreme damages. The anti-oxidants in lavender oil can aid safeguard versus creases, great lines, as well as dark age areas.

The Exfoliator, a nutrient-rich skin therapy formula.


This item is AMAZING! I utilized it as soon as on my joints today as well as was slightly amazed. Nonetheless, I simply utilized it on my face as well as on my feet, as well as I am so amazed! While utilizing it on my face, I had a significant quantity of dead skin collect, as well as later, my pores looked smaller sized, my skin really felt tighter, as well as my skin tone was a whole lot more clear as well as brighter. Additionally, considering that exfoliators generally have a tendency to aggravate my skin, I was happily amazed that I did not have any type of damaging responses to it.
~ Melissa

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