Swiss Relief Pure 1000mg review – A truly Nano-Emulsified CBD Oil

Swiss Relief Pure 1000mg CBD review – A truly nano-emulsified CBD oil
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Swiss Relief is a premium CBD company that uses nanotechnology encapsulated CBD for a more efficiently delivered supplement that helps to manage your stress and anxiety while reducing pain and inflammation.

Swiss Relief, an American premium CBD provider

Although named after our friends in Europe, Swiss Relief actually grows their CBD in the U.S. Swiss Relief is proudly sourced from a single strain or, Cultivar, (if you happen to glance over to their website and see that in several locations.) Each strain or cultivar of the hemp plant has different levels of cannabinoids, so by single sourcing their product, they are trying to achieve similar cannabinoid profiles from crop to crop, which of course is not 100% possible since it is a natural product, but the premise supports better quality control.


Swiss Relief has a large variety of products ranging from tinctures, oil sprays, salves, gel caps, and gummies. All of their products utilize nanotechnology to help the CBD get into your system more efficiently. Nanotechnology has been used since the 60s in the medical field and requires sophisticated technology in order to effectively cover each molecule of CBD in a fatty “bubble” that can make it past all the acids in your stomach to enable more of the CBD to make it into your system after digestion. This particular application helps to more efficiently get the CBD into your system, therefore enhancing the overall effect you may receive
from the product.

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