Strain Spotlight: OG Kush Feminised Seeds

Call: OG Kush Feminised Seeds

Dog Breeder: Phoenix Az Seeds

THC Degree: 16%

Impacts: Pleased, Peaceful, Blissful, Uplifting, Drowsy

Return: Tool

Flavour: Dark, Tangy, Sugary Food, Skunk, Flavor

OG Kush is famous, which the majority of us will certainly currently be cognizant of. OG Kush is identified with great weed as well as is both a fantastic medical as well as leisure pressure. It is popular around the globe for its special flavour as well as aroma, its fabulous high as well as its outstanding genes. There are really couple of pressures that can contrast to OG Kush as well as really couple of that have the exact same degree of tradition. OG Kush was not just an unbelievable advantage for medical weed however offered dog breeders something to actually produce with.


This pressure initially involved the marketplace in the 90s, an outstanding age for brand-new pressures. As quickly as it did it removed like a rocket as a result of its great genes. OG Kush was developed by incorporating Pakistani Kush, Lemon Thai as well as Chemdawg. It was grown in Florida however promptly spread out throughout the globe, ending up being a base for numerous brand-new as well as great pressures such as Ghost OG, Tahoe OG as well as SFV OG. It initially involved Los Angeles in 1996 where it was bought by dog breeder Matt Berger. It was gone across with well-known pressure The Bubba to produce Bubba Kush as well as this was what released it right into the pressure hall of popularity.


OG Kush is a fantastically uplifting as well as satisfied pressure with hits of leisure, bliss as well as a touch of drowsiness. For leisure functions, this makes it an amazing day or evening pressure, however particularly helpful for careless Sundays before the TELEVISION. Medicinally this pressure is utilized by those dealing with Parkinson’s, Clinical depression or PTSD in addition to normally for clinical depression, stress and anxiety as well as anxiousness. Pressures such as this have actually made a substantial distinction to the innovation of medical weed simply as a result of their success price.

Blooming Time as well as Return

This variation of OG Kush has an extremely brief blooming time of simply 8 weeks. This is suitable for farmers that intend to pursue greater than one plant per period. Yield-wise this is an excellent instance of top quality over amount. Though the returns are generally modest the buds are small, perfectly aromatic as well as covered in a thick layer of material crystals.


The flavour as well as aroma of this pressure are just one of the factors they are taken into consideration to be so special. The flavour account when it was developed differed anything individuals had actually tasted previously. A mix of wonderful appetizing seasoning as well as dark woody skunk that dancings on the palate. The aroma of the pressure is as relaxing as well as relaxing as scent, including an added measurement to the pleasure of the smoke.

Keep In Mind: It’s unlawful to sprout marijuana seeds in numerous nations. It is our task to educate you of this essential truth as well as to advise you to follow every one of your regional regulations. The Safe just ever before offers or sends seeds for memento, collection or uniqueness functions. Every one of our material is offered instructional functions just.

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