QBN Webinar: Diamond-based Quantum Technologies for Mobile Applications

Quantum calculating for dispersed and also mobile applications, geo surveying, rejected GENERAL PRACTITIONER and also masers for room based applications are just a few instances of where you can make the most of diamond-based quantum innovations. The one-of-a-kind buildings of ruby and also the nitrogen-vacancy (NV) flaw focuses enable us to develop a miniaturized system to take on quantum computer, interaction and also picking up applications at space temperature level.

In the QBN webinar: Diamond-based Quantum Technologies for Mobile Applications leading market professionals supply you deep understandings right into the cutting edge in design of ruby products and also their usage for quantum innovations for mobile applications.

Extra: quantumbusinessnetwork.de/en/events/qbn-webinar-diamond-based-quantum-technologies-for-mobile-applications/


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