Mixed Local Reaction on Pet CBD Oil Usage


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – As cannabidiol is becoming more popular nationwide, some people are now turning to the product for treating their pets’ injuries.

CBD is an oil derived from the hemp plant.

Emily Christianson at CBD of Springfield said there’s very little difference between human and pet CBD oil.

“The only difference between the pet line and the human line is flavoring,” explained Christianson.

Christianson said if you want to start your pet on the oil, be aware of the dosage.

“Is it anxiety problem with the dog or is it pain,” said Christianson, “arthritis and hip dysplasia, they’re different doses.”

Customers said they saw dramatic changes in their pets’ health thanks to CBD oil.

“We’re on day five now, and that great Dane is running in my backyard, and he’s playing, he’s standing up straight, he’s sat down in a proper sitting position which he hasn’t been able to do in years,” said Cissy Ashlock, a customer.

“Specifically during high anxiety times, I’ll give it to them, it does lower that anxiety specifically during storms,” said Neao Supitilov, another customer.

On the other hand… local veterinarians KOLR10 spoke with said they want to see more research done on these oils before they can prescribe them.

“I’ve not prescribed it because I want to know for sure that it’s safe as well as effective,” said Dr. Michael Reid, a veterinarian at Animal Health Center Hospital & Clinic.

“It’s not an EPA tested product, and it’s not an FDA tested product,” said Dr. Philip Brown, a veterinarian at Animal Care Center.

“We can’t recommend medical marijuana to any of our pets and patients, which they don’t do well with, and that to an extent holds over on the CBD,” said Dr. David Weddle, a veterinarian at Wilson’s Creek Animal Hospital.

Other people KOLR10 spoke to said the oil didn’t have any effect on their pets, but we didn’t hear from anyone who said they experienced any negative effects at this time.


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