Is CBD Safe For My Pet?

Given all the hype lately around hemp, cannabis and CBD, especially for our pets, many of us may find ourselves wondering “is CBD safe for my pet?”

Yes, CBD is perfectly safe for our pets.

Because Bailey’s CBD products are derived from hemp and are virtually free of THC, your pet will not feel “high” since there is no intoxicating effect.

However, phytocannabinoids, like those found in Bailey’s CBD products are instrumental in our body’s regulatory systems and support important functions, such as: appetite, digestion, immune function, inflammation, pain, mood, sleep, reproduction/fertility, motor control, temperature regulation, and memory.

The overall effect is that the body achieves homeostasis, and all of it’s systems are balanced.

Bailey’s CBD goes the extra mile to ensure that we set the highest standards possible to only produce products that we feel safe giving our own pets.

Our products are all natural, formulated by a respected veterinarian, 3rd party lab tested for quality control, and made to support a healthy and happy pet lifestyle..

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