How to make CBD Isolate at 99.6% pure | Turn Distillate into Isolate !! | Free SOP write up

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It was a video clip I made about May 2020. I was contact us to establish a purification devices and also a condensation devices.
Many thanks to my customer for allowing me movie my procedure, and also I will certainly supply their get in touch with upon demand.
The devices I utilized in this video clip is call “Filter Activator”. It is a jacketed activator with an extremely great filter plate under. Offering cost for a total collection is around $26,000, delivery and also responsibility is not consisted of.
This devices can make 20 kg of CBD isolate in 4 human resources change. So 40 kg per change.
The CBD isolate was evaluated 99.6% strength. It still obtained some contamination, yet can be remove by including even more clean cycle.


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