Fresh Focus | CBD Cocktail Recipe

Bring focus to your day with this refreshing, non-alcoholic CBD cocktail created by Camille Vidal of La Maison Wellness

Appropriately named ‘Fresh Focus’ because of its combination of refreshing mint, which is thought to improve brain function, and our optimum strength CBD bitters, believed to help with concentration and focus.

OTO CBD bitters have been designed to add an extra zing of great flavour and character, whilst giving our bodies a much needed boost. Just three dashes will amplify any cocktail or drink with 20-30mg of high-quality CBD.

OTO started due to the sheer lack of understanding and vast misselling of Cannabinoid (CBD) within the UK.
CBD is a molecule found in hemp plants that matches one produced naturally by our own bodies. It is entirely legal in its pure form, and it’s used by many people to assist with calm, focus and relaxation. OTO CBD is the purest, vegan-friendly CBD extracted from organically grown-hemp plants.

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