FAQ about Cannabidiol (CBD)

In this video, Coach Michele answers the ten most common questions we received from followers on social media after her first two posts in this series – CBD: Great Green Hope or Hype?, which highlights how CBD can be used to treat a variety of issues, and Because of CBD I Hiked a Mountain, Michele’s personal journey with pain management.

Timeline by Topic of Question

1:00 – Is CBD legal?

2:20 – Is CBD a banned substance for athletes?

3:44 – Will I fail a drug test for using CBD?

4:38 – What’s the best way to take CBD? (Available Products)

8:06 – What is the optimal dosage of CBD?

8:49 – What should one look for when choosing a CBD-rich product? (Label Reading)

10:50 – Does CBD have any adverse side effects? What about drug interactions?

11:35 – Where may I purchase CBD products?

12:27 – Is there a difference between CBD derived from hemp and CBD derived from cannabis?

14:20 – Will I have the chance to vote on marijuana laws in the November 2016 election?


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