Exploring the Clinical Efficacy of Medicinal Cannabis in Cancer Patients

Regardless of the current legalisation of Marijuana in Canada, there stays much unpredictability and also conspiracy theory concerning the medication’s medical efficiency. This video clip offers to offer some clearness concerning the efficiency of Marijuana in medical setups; especially in the context of discomfort alleviation for cancer cells clients, in addition to considering the individual reaction to medical marijuana as a prospective indication for immunotherapy efficiency. This video clip will at first describe the endocannabinoid system such that the audience can much better recognize the underlying biochemical devices and also paths that are typically referenced in the video clip.

Video Clip by McMaster College Wellness and also Life Sciences Undergraduate pupils Piraveenaa Baskaran, Zein Abdul-Rahman, and also Agnya Batra in partnership with the McMaster Demystifying Medication program.

Copyright McMaster College 2020

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