DIY CBD Beard Leave-in CONDITIONER | How to use CBD isolate | Father's day Gift Ideas

I am using CBD isolate to infuse the medicinal benefits into this DIY CBD Beard Leave-in Conditioner. ✨This CBD isolate was extracted from the flower, leaves, and stalk of the hemp plant. NOT MARIJUANA. It is perfectly safe and legal to use for any purpose in MOST states. There is NO THC, which is the chemical that causes you to get “high”.

WARNING: I do NOT recommend for consumption and I have NEVER consumed CBD. Please read safety precautions before doing so. The DIY CBD Beard Leave-in Conditioner is meant for TOPICAL use ONLY!

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✨This DIY CBD Beard Leave-in Conditioner

→ HOW TO USE: Apply to damp or dry hair. Massage in and style/groom as usual for softer hair and to reduce skin irritation.
✨DIY CBD Beard Leave-in Conditioner

Ingredients | Measurements (g = grams) | Links
(Approx. 170.10 g or 6 oz Base)


– 68.50 g | Distilled Water
– 5.10 g | Vegetable Glycerin:
– 3.40 g | Panthenol:


– 13.61 g | Kukui Nut oil:
– 10.21 g | BTMS 50:
– 5.95 g | Cetearyl Alcohol:
– 4.58 g | Behenyl Alcohol:
– 3.40 g | Mango Butter:
– 1.70 g | Cocoa Butter:


– 1.70 g | 1.25% Polyquaternium 78 (“Natural” conditioning agent)
– 1.19 g | 0.7% Preservative (Phenoxyethanol)
– 1.02 g | 0.6% Essential oils blend:
– 0.68 g | 0.4% Bamboo Extract:
– 0.51 g | 0.3% Vitamin E:
– 0.43 g | 0.25% CBD isolate

1. Should I add a preservative to my DIY CBD Beard Leave-in Conditioner?
Answer: YES, PERIODT ?
Reason: Bacteria, Mold, Fungus on your FACE! EWWW. Refrigeration will NOT preserve your product. Nasties start growing within 24 hours even when refrigerated. However, please refrigerate if you do not use a preservative at your own risk.

2. ?MUSIC: – Vamos a La Oscuridad – Lu-Ni

3. Immersion Blender:
4. Small scale:
5. Large scale:
6. Beakers:
7. Glass Stirring rod:
8. Glass prep bowls:
9. 4 oz Clear plastic jars:

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