Delicious CBD Olive Tapenade Recipe

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Koren from Bristol CBD shares this scrumptious, simple and versatile CBD Olive Tapenade Recipe. This recipe takes a few minutes to whip up and is the perfect addition to a mezze platter, a topping for your sourdough toast, or even to mix with pasta!

If you’re anything like us at Bristol CBD HQ, then you love a dish that is rich in flavour, but one that also leaves your body feeling replete, yet also light & balanced.

We are absolutely in love with this easy (literally a few minutes!) CBD Olive Tapenade recipe, it’s scrumptious, simple and super versatile!

Here are your main ingredients & instructions for the CBD Olive Tapenade (our recipe makes around 15 servings)

– 15x pitted Olives (green, black or mixed)
– 8x Sundried Tomatoes (about half the ratio : olives)
– 1x clove Garlic
– 2x tspn Olive Oil
– Handful of Basil (we love our Basil – but you can go easy & adjust the quantities accordingly to suit your taste buds!)
– Sprinkle of black Pepper

Time to add some CBD Oil for an extra health & balancing kick:

For this recipe we used a whole pipette (roughly 20 drops) of our favourite 500mg 5% Gold Bristol CBD Oil. This Gold CBD oil is great for cooking with because it doesn’t harbour the bitter flavour of our other CBD Oils. It’s perfectly disguised in food!

To make this CBD Olive Tapenade:

– Add all of the ingredients into a mixing bowl
– Blend together with a stick blender (you may use a food processor for this recipe, but we find that a stick blender tends to work better with these small quantities)
– And viola! Serve, dip, dollop, mix, and stir. Whatever suits you best. You can seal this tapenade in a jar or tupperware; and this will last for 3 weeks

If you do give this yummy CBD Olive Tapenade a dip, let us know what you think. Please tag us on Instagram @bristolcbd so we can see your yummy snack in action!




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