Day 20 – 30 Day CBD Juice Fast – Old School Firecracker Recipe

Hey ladies and gents! Today, I will be showing you an old school recipe I enjoyed as a teenager. Firecrackers! But this time, I am using hemp instead of the traditional ingredient.

What are Fircrackers? 3 simple ingredients. Peanut butter, butter crackers, and in this case, ground hemp. Traditionally where I grew up in Upstate NY, we used Ritz crackers. Some people used Saltine crackers. Then, at some point in time Graham crackers got involved in the recipes over the years. But to me, the Ritz cracker concoction is where it is at.

This recipe uses the cultivar Sapphire from Very Good CBD. It contains 14.4% CBD and can be used during the day or night. It has a fruity terpene flavor profile which is a match made in heaven with peanut butter and buttery crackers. The mango, orange, and clove notes impart a sweet yet spicy jam like flavor to it. Enjoy with your favorite plant-based milk!

Note: This is not a paid ad, however these products were sent to me as a gift. Therefore it is a sponsored video. Not all products that are sent to me are put into videos. Only products I stand behind, are of great quality, and actually work make it on here. So a big thank you to #verygoodcbd !


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