CBD Tea: Benefits and How to Make!

If you are a already a tea drinker adding CBD may give you a wide range of health benefits. We take a in depth look at CBD Tea, its benefits and how to make it!

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Best CBD Brands

When deciding what CBD Tea is right for you it is important that you both look at the type of tea and consider what the CBD is being used for.

If you buy a hemp CBD tea that is made from green tea then you’ll want to consider a few things. Green tea naturally has caffeine, so even though CBD is often used to help with sleep, the caffeine may offset any benefits you’d get from the CBD.

So, if you are buying a green tea blend then you’ll probably be using it to replace your morning cup of coffee, for a midday pick me up, or to ease anxiety throughout a stressful workday.

There are also a lot of Tumeric and Ginger Tea blends being produced.

These are great choices for athletes or people who suffer from immune disorders. The anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric, ginger and CBD are all well documented and should be a powerful combination.

Lastly, there are plenty of un-caffeinated versions of tea that could be consumed before bed. If you drink tea or use CBD as a sleep aid then look for peppermint, vanilla, or chamomile tea blends. All of these substances aid in sleep and could be a great addition to CBD.

Making CBD Tea
It is easy when you buy CBD hemp tea because the manufacturer has already considered the ingredient combinations and what it should be branded and marketed for.

If you want to make your own blend, this process can be slightly more difficult.

The example blends we already talked about are a great starting points for mixtures that are beneficial for specific ailments. A green or English tea CBD blend for mornings or an afternoon energy boost, a turmeric/ginger mix for relief from aches and pain, and any combination of peppermint, vanilla or chamomile for a sleep aid.

If you want to explore other types of tea then we simply recommend to think about the reason, or ailment, you’re trying to find relief from when you pick your tea and that will helpful for that.

Mixing Tea and CBD
Notice we didn’t talk about the different types of CBD above, that’s cause we wanted to talk about it here!

CBD, like most cannabinoids, are hydrophobic and don’t mix well in water. CBD Oil is especially bad at mixing, and you’ll have floating bubbles of oil in your tea. You can fix this by adding a little milk, creamer, or butter. The CBD will bond with the fats and mix that way!

If you use a CBD Oil there is also a concern of a hemp aftertaste that many people don’t care for. In that case you may want switch to a CBD Isolate powder. These are odorless and tasteless and mix well with the fatty substances mentioned above.

Lastly, there are water-soluble CBD products available. These will cost you a little extra and we suggest you double check the ingredient list so you know what else they’ve added to the CBD!


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