CBD Oil Benefits List | CBD Oil Side Effects

CBD Oil Benefits List | CBD Oil Side Effects
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What are the benefits of CBD oil or the benefits of CBD oil? What are the CBD oil side effects? In this video we will provide the CBD benefits list as well as the CBD oil benefits list along with the CBD oil side effects. Be sure to click on the link above to get a more comprehensive report.

First let’s talk about the science of endocannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system and explain why we get such health benefits from using CBD hemp oil based products.

The benefits of Hemp CBD oil has been around for thousands of years, yet in the great USA it has turned into a political football and struggle if you will to legalize since 1937.

Many factions in government, especially our elected politicians, big pharmaceutical companies, and even medical doctors, have blocked and made Hemp CBD as a class one controlled substance. I will state right now.

What is Hemp CBD oil? It is a food plain and simple. A person cannot overdose on it. So why is it being blocked and controlled? It’s all about money and big government and big business.

These factions want to control who sells Hemp CBD and they want to profit from it. All of this is going on while some of the general public, with serious chronic illnesses, are suffering every single day and could be immensely helped if they had free unabated access to hemp CBD oil.

Because of the FDA, sellers of hemp CBD products are not allowed to promote them as agents for better curing and treatment of different disease states that could be helped by CBD.

According to the FDA, that’s better left for medications, for drugs sold by doctors, pharmacies via prescriptions , but we can do is, we can talk about the way CBD hemp oil can support the endocannabinoid system.

We’re going to talk about the way we often come to be deficient in cannabinoids just the same way once you be deficient in any other thing you can measure in the body. We’re going to talk about the use of hemp oil and cannabidiol which is a major component in hemp oil, as enhancements in hormone replacement therapy.

Cannabinoids in our endocannabinoid system are hormones that are released from tissue. They work in tissue locally, but they also work at distance sites in he body, and last they are hormones and the levels that we make and use, the use of them can be deficient.

We humans look for things in nature to replace things that we’re deficient in; this is something that humans do and all animals do naturally. The same way that when you know you’ve got muscle cramps, you know that bananas and pineapple sound good to eat to attain the potassium to alleviate the cramps.

We have grown up with Cannabis plants in our environment for so long that we have found it in many areas of the world as normal and available for use; just not in the great USA. Remember for the reformer of change, it is dangerous to initiate a new order of things because the reformer has enemies from all those who profit from the old order.

No more so apropos, I think, than with CBD, because the old order that is in place, you know like big Pharma don’t really like the general public cutting into their market share by using hemp CBD oil that is relatively cheap, and frankly today, they, along with the US government don’t control the market place to a great extent.

So if you run into different state agencies or different people or from the media, just know that a lot of people around this CBD issue, are nervous. Time will tell if the “mom and pop” CBD stores selling CBD as food supplements, will stay in business much longer. There is a big fight brewing.

Now for a little bit about history about cannabis in general. Cannabis is one of the oldest known cultivated human plants and people say that it’s actually the reason we got into groups bigger than families because it is such a useful plant. It is useful for food; it is useful for structure; you take CBD oils and light lamps with it.

We have data for at least 12,000 years that people have farmed hemp. Today there are no more purely wild hemp plants in existence. All the plants today that are in existence, have been somewhat genetically modified to add or delete chosen elements of the hemp plant that we want.

You know, hundreds of human generations have passed by where we have adapted to the hemp plant our environment. We have at least six thousand years with cannabis plants in our lives.

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