CBD It’s for pets, too?

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CBD works in our animals the same way it does humans. The Endocannabinoid system works the same way in our pets as it does in our body. It consists of a system of neurotransmitters that works to balance & maintain normal functions in the body. CBD works to manage the receptors in the central nervous system & helps to balance out symptoms that our pets are experiencing, bringing our furry friends back to normal in no time.

Video Transcript:
Good morning or afternoon or evening or whatever time of day it is for you! It is a beautiful morning here, in Michigan, & I would love to chat with you a few minutes about CBD for pets.
So, if you watched any other videos or read any of our blogs, we talked a lot about the endocannabinoid system. So, that’s the system that is in humans that works to keep us in homeostasis, it’s a receptor network goes from hand to our toes & our body makes something called endocannabinoids or compounds that get in & just try to keep all of those cells along that pathway at a neutral state; what you may not know is that animals have that exact same network. So, they’ve got the same endocannabinoid or ECS system working through their bodies as well, which means that they might see a benefit from CBD just like we do.

This is my dog Lilly, who knows that we’re talking about pet stuff & likes to have her chin rubbed, so she’s probably gonna be hanging out with us for the video. So, endocannabinoid system in pets, CBD can aid when we’re taking in that external or phyto from a plant cannabinoid gets into that system works just like the ones that we make in our body to keep us in an interstate. So, often when people call me they’re asking about help for anxiety, inflammation, arthritic, pain things like that. All of these are issues that our furry family members can face as well, so Lilly is only five, and we aren’t dealing with any inflammation or arthritic has quite yeah but as a puppy she really struggled with great anxiety. So, I would leave her in the crate head to the office, & she would actually damage her face trying to chew her way out, if I left her out of the crate though she would eat my house so that wasn’t an option either. So, we had a lot of success with CBD for that anxiety & just bringing her back to that level playing field. Now for Lilly, we used drops; drops are kind of the ogee if you will for somebody for both pets and people. You can drop them right into the animal’s mouth or you can add it to food. Lily likes that boy so if I drop a little bit on our food, she will go and eat that like a treat first thing so that, that does really well for her probably the most cost-effective manner as well.

In addition to Lily, I have three cats, two guinea pigs, a bearded dragon, a couple of betta fish, mmm. I think that runs up the zoo. So, you may see creature’s dirt in and out of the frame because we’re sitting in the dining room. That would be Sheba, on the table where she definitely no she’s not supposed to be.

So, oil is an option capsules for consistency and serving size are great! Wouldn’t recommend it for the smaller ones of course because it is a standard soft gel but can work really well for dogs especially, larger dogs that you’re trying to get a larger quantity of CBD into their system on a daily basis. Then, we’ve got little individually measured powder packets, so these would be mixed with food and given once a day. Again, really good for consistency of serving not a super-awesome fit if you’ve got a dog that doesn’t eat all of their food all at once and then, we’ve got treats as well, probably not going to be as economical if you’re giving them daily as some of the other methods but boy for ease of use you can’t be beat and they love the treats. My dog loves the crunchy biscuits both dog and cats like the soft chews which is why they’re hovering like a bunch of Raptors right now looking for some treats.

Most of what I covered there in terms of different product options are dog specific; so cats are a little bit different in that they are true carnivores. They cannot digest and don’t need the plant matter and grains that humans and dogs need, so because of that they can’t digest all of the same oils quite as readily a lot of the products in the market right now are using MCT oil as a base coconut oil, super popular lots benefits, not awesome for kitties can give them digestive issues, they can have trouble, they can have trouble breaking that back down. We would recommend that you stick with a hemp seed or an olive oil base the cat drops that we offer right now are from Purfurred and those who’s an extra virgin olive oil which those cats can digest easily and so, you don’t have to worry about upset stomachs. Now, some cats can do just fine with coconut oil but if you’re starting out as a general rule I would stick with something that’s a little easier for them to digest.


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