CBD Hemp Flowers Review and Test | Better than Weed ?!


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I am back with another CBD Review ( Which is becoming my favorite kind of review!) In this video I am smoking CBD Hemp Flowers by a company called Green Roads. They have pretty decent CBD Nugs and I wanted to give my honest opinion.

There is such a stigma attached CBD hemp flowers or CBD products in general. But whatever, its 2019 and newsflash you can use CBD and pass a drug test , it’s not illegal , and cbd helps with chronic pain, anxiety , insomnia – the list goes on.

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I am back with a food review! I know everyone has been going crazy about the popeyes chicken sandwich. However, I am trying to be more serious about my health and recently decided that I want to a adopt a healthier lifestyle. Now this impossible whopper is no “calorie friendly sandwich” ( SN: The Impossible Whopper is only 30 fewer calories less than the original whopper). However, the taste is on point, point . Burger King did not come to play.

I saw a few photos and reviews and decided to give this plant based, vegan friendly, vegetarian friendly, keto friendly, Impossible Whopper a chance. Like i mentioned in the review- Burger King did not disappoint. The impossible whopper is so good , my meat eating brother loved it!

Pros: Its delicious. It’s plant-based. It can be altered to to vegan (order w/ no cheese and no mayo). It can be keto friendly ( Order without the bun or take it off) and obviously with it being plant based its vegetarian.

Cons: Its costly. Its super high in calories. ( I think around 600 or so) Its addicting!

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