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Krysta Rose left us a a review of our Vanilla CBD oil and CBD gummies. She says CBD for stress, CBD for anxiety and CBD for sleep has made a remarkable difference for her. Thanks Krysta, we appreciate your words.

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Hey Babes! So, I wanted to give you guys an update on my new Sugar and Kush CBD products. Honestly, I have seen a major difference. I wasn’t sure about trying CBD, but there are a lot of good benefits of CBD.

CBD for anxiety, CBD for depression, CBD for sleep all helps a lot. I really really feel like these have helped me out sooo much. I’ve always over thinking about things.

I 100% recommend Sugar and Kush CBD products. They are so delicious. I am almost finished with my CBD gummies and these vanilla flavored CBD oil drops are so yummy! I also have cotton candy CBD oil and a pure unflavored CBD oil. You guys should definitely order yourself some new goodies. It’s never bad to treat yourself.

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