CBD for Pets | The Right Way To Introduce CBD To Your Pets [Complete Guide]


Pet CBD can support your animals in a few different ways.

Pets suffering from anxiety or fear often engage in destructive behavior that harm both possessions and your sanity. CBD pet treats can help balance anxious tendencies to help them relax.

Read our guide to CBD and pets here: www.hempurecbd.com/cbd-guide/cbd-pets/

It’s often difficult to know when your pet is in pain. Pets can develop arthritis, inflammation and other ailments leaving them with little energy and/or decreased mood and appetite.

Pet CBD oil offers highly effective support to pets in pain or feeling ill.

A sweet little puppy can turn into a fierce animal quickly and without explanation. CBD can help curb aggression by providing a calming effect to overly-enthusiastic pets.

International studies show CBD can address appetite issues in pets like nausea and digestive tract problems.

Hempure CBD is zero THC, so there is no threat of your pets overdosing. Pets can’t tell us how they’re feeling so start with a low dose in your pet and observe. We recommend .05 mg of CBD and multiplying that by your pet’s weight in kilograms to find the proper dosage.

It is always better to start low with CBD pet meds because your pet might get drowsy with dosages over 1 mg of CBD per kilogram per day.

CBD infused pet treats are the easiest way to incorporate CBD into your animal’s diet. You can also use CBD tincture dropped in pet food, on a treat, or directly in the mouth of your pet.

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