Cannabis and Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson’s illness, likewise referred to as PD, is the 2nd most usual neurodegenerative condition. The illness is defined by a loss of dopamine-producing nerve cells in the substantia nigra, which is a location of the mind in charge of motion. Marijuana, especially CBD, has actually revealed assurance in dealing with several of the signs of PD. In this video clip we will certainly specify Parkinson’s illness as well as marijuana, discuss exactly how marijuana can aid with PD, as well as doctor point of views on suggesting marijuana.

This video clip was developed by Debunking Medication trainees Simran Matharu, Mahek Minhas as well as Micaela McNulty in cooperation with the McMaster Demystifying Medication Program

Copyright McMaster College 2021

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Time Stamps:

Introduction/What is Parkinson’s Illness? → 00:00 – 01:23

What is Marijuana? → 01:24 – 02:34

Just How Can Marijuana Assist with Parkinson’s? → 02:35 – 05:09

Doctor Point of views → 05:10 – 07:19

Final thought → 07:20 – 07:52


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