Cannabinoids and Cannabis for chronic pain by Dr. Andrea Furlan MD PhD

Cannabinoids are materials originated from marijuana, instances are THC and also CBD. In this video clip Dr. Furlan clarifies what they carry out in our body.
00:41 What are cannabinoids?
01:14 Receptors CB1 and also CB2
01:35 Endogenous cannabinoids, anandamide
01:47 Artificial cannabinoids
01:54 Dronabinol
02:07 Nabilone, serious neuropathic discomfort
02:44 Cannabinoids from marijuana plant: tetrachydrocannbinol and also cannabidiol
03:10 THC and also CBD
03:25 Hemp plants
03:35 Impacts of THC in our body: ecstasy and also leisure
03:40 Impacts of CBD
04:00 Medical cannabis: spasticity, numerous sclerosis, neuropathic discomfort, seizures, queasiness and also throwing up.
04:31 Use cannabinoids for persistent discomfort
04:58 Post-herpetic neuralgia, herpes zoster, diabetic person neuropathy, spine injury, stroke
05:24 CBD for neuropathic discomfort, quit taking opioids
05:56 Cananbis vs opioids
06:30 Rest, anxiousness
06:45 Smoked, consumed, evaporated or edibles
07:20 Dangers of Marijuana and also cannabinoids
09:06 Maternity
09:26 Tool kit for self-management

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ALERT: This video clip is not meant to change clinical.
guidance. If you assume you have a problem that is.
creating you discomfort, please speak with your medical professional.
to obtain a medical diagnosis and also a therapy prepare for you.
The intent of this video clip is just for instructional.


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