Canna Comfort Care How to make CBD bath bomb instructions

Download the full PDF instructions here:

How to make CBD infused bath bombs:

“Relax, Relax” That’s the theme song for CBD Medicated Bath Bombs for sure… It’s like taking a spa day in your own tub. They are fairly easy to make but keep in mind that sometimes a batch can go weird due to room temperature, humidity, over mixing and maybe a couple more reasons we haven’t experienced yet. But fun to make and share with friends.

This recipe is one that uses ingredients that are fairly common and/or easy to find in most places. When purchasing essential oils look in apothecary, health food or craft stores BUT only use “body safe” fragrance oils and not those used for candle making.

As for your infusion of CBD, I suggest using CBD isolate as it works great for topical uses and is easy to measure. There is a link to purchase CBD isolate and finished lavender CBD bath bombs in the full instruction PDF with a 20% OFF coupon in the PDF.

Download the full PDF instructions here:


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