Can You use CBD Oil to Treat Dementia in Dogs – what's the evidence?

Does CBD oil help treat dogs with dementia? While it’s much too early for anyone to answer this with any degree of certainty, there actually is some evidence that CBD oil may benefit dogs with dementia.

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CBD oil is getting huge publicity at the moment for the treatment of all manner of different diseases and ailments, both in people and in our pets. The scientific community is also interested, with more evidence becoming available to show that CBD oil can benefit dogs with certain conditions.

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So then, what role does CBD oil play in the treatment of canine cognitive dysfunction? Given that there aren’t a lot of detailed, quality studies into the treatment of dog dementia as a whole, you won’t be surprised to hear that there is nothing to say that CBD oil either helps or has no effect. There are simply no studies.

That said, in rodent models of Alzheimer’s disease, it has been shown that Cannabidiol does reduce cognitive decline, reduce inflammation within the brain and actually stimulates new nerve development. It does help maintain brain function and reduce the deterioration associated with Alzheimer’s.

This is important given the close similarity between senility in dogs and Alzheimer’s disease. A drug that benefits human Alzheimer’s patients certainly has the potential to benefit our dogs that are also suffering from dementia.

That is not to say that CBD oil will be appropriate for every dog suffering from cognitive dysfunction. Nor should you ignore all of the other treatment options and management strategies that may benefit your dog.

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