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In this video, I answer the common question: Can I give my dog human cad oil?

If you’re wondering this, you obviously have a dog that is suffering from something. So that’s great that you’re looking to help him with CBD. And I’m guessing you either have CBD oil at home that you use yourself, or you have access to some CBD oil but it’s not specifically designed for pets.

Here’s the deal:

Yes, you can use “human” CBD oil on your dog, you just need to get the dosage figured out. As you’ll see in the video, it’s not that easy to calculate.

This is why I always recommend you buy some CBD that is specifically designed for pets. It’s way easier to use, and it works so well that I know you’ll be buying more, so you might as well get the proper stuff from the beginning. Your dog deserves it, and there’s a really good chance CBD will help!

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