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The Best CBD gummies for sleep review by JJ Brenn. JJ was nice enough to send us a video about how our Sugar and Kush 500mg CBD Gummies are helping her get a good night’s sleep. While CBD oil does not make you drowsy, it does help reduce aches, pains and stresses that often keep people awake at night. Some of the CBD oil benefits are as follows.

CBD reduces inflammation
CBD helps regulate blood flow to the brain
CBD promotes the production of serotonin
CBD promote neurogenesis

For many people that struggle getting a good night’s sleep, it is not a condition directly related to sleeping but sleeplessness tends more to be a symptom of other conditions. CBD for pain and stress ends up helping calm people’s minds at night and reduces the amount of pain flare ups that can wake you up and keep you awake. Listen to JJ Brenn’s testimony about how Sugar&Kush CBD gummies helps her sleep at night.

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Hi, I felt inclined to do a review on Sugar and Kush’s Gummy Bears. I started taking them probably about 4 or 5 days ago. I have issues sleeping, not necessarily for falling asleep but staying asleep. So, I wanted to give these a try.

I take about 2 every night, sometimes 3 because they are so delicious. I feel like I’m waking up a lot less and if I do wake up it’s not taking me as much time to fall back asleep. So, they’ve been working and I’m really happy about that.

I’m also on the Keto diet so that means no sugar no carbs, and these gummies or no sugar no carbs. The awesome thing is they taste just like regular gummy bears and they’re the same size as regular gummy bears. So, they help me with my sweet tooth and they are helping me sleep. I highly recommend them, you should give them a try.

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