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Su Hninyi did a super nice review or our CBD hazelnut oil and 500mg CBD gummies. She works out regularly and even trains other people. She feels like #CBD really helps her with inflammation and stiffness after working all day. She also mentions how much she likes that the Sugar & Kush #CBDgummies have zero calories or sugar. It makes sense for someone as focuses on physical #fitness as Su to want a health CBD product.

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What’s up guys? So, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the CBD products I have been taking by Sugar and Kush. These are the 2 products I have been taking so far. This is the gummy bears and this is the oil, this is the hazelnut flavor.

So, basically the reason I take it, personally I take it because I get tense and I workout a lot and I am just stiff and stuff from sitting at home, sitting at my desk since I run my business. And, just from that it helps me just like kind of relax my muscles and it’s also an anti-inflammatory. So, if you get inflamed from you know working out, doing whatever, that really helps it.

This also helps with anxiety, if you are the type of person that gets anxious and just kind of needs to relax. Personally, me, I am a very relaxed person so I don’t need help with that. But, I know a lot of people that do.

So, this really helps with that and another great thing about this is that the gummies are literally zero calories, zero sugar. Which is like amazing and it tastes like regular gummies, so that’s the best part about this.

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