​Cannabis and its effect on mental health

Marijuana is a popular medicine which is understood to modify the body and mind. It is additionally called “pot”, “weed”, “marijuana”, “cannabis” as well as lots of various other vernacular terms. In this video clip, we have actually offered information on the make-up of marijuana, its brief as well as long-term impacts on mind as well as body, its benefits as well as downsides in clinical as well as entertainment, as well as its impact on people with various mental illness. The video clip is meant to enlighten the public regarding marijuana usage as well as its impacts. It is not meant to damage anybody’s feelings that is presently taking care of marijuana usage issues. It is suggested to call a doctor in instance you are experiencing any kind of signs or have added problems. ————————————

This video clip was made by McMaster pupils Shefali Verma, Shilpa Tandon, as well as Niki Sadat Afjeh in cooperation with the McMaster Demystifying Medication Program.

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